Non-standard test equipment development

Seismic hanger cyclic loading test system
11 pipe diameter specifications of the current national standards could be tested that covers cable box seismic hanger, generatrix groove seismic hanger, air conditioner seismic hanger, anti-smoke pipe seismic hanger, integrated seismic hanger, supported seismic hanger etc.
Tire test bench
Tire test benchis used to test the modal and dynamic response of the tire whenthe tire bearingforce on the real working condition.
Bath productslifetime test system
VDSTWY100 Bath products lifetime test systemis applied to the fatigue test of 15 categories of products, such as single-handle faucet, double-handle faucet,angle valve, shower, lifter, switch and so on.
Vehicle Road Simulation Test System
This test facility can be used for commercial vehicle fatigue testing with a series of road scenarios using the high duty of hydraulic system,solenoid valves.