Crawler Chassis
This is a crawler chassis with a higher load capacity and moving velocity, hence it’s idea for the hard environment particularly for fire-fighting due to its fire resistant, flame –retardant materials and cooling system. It can be remotely controlled precisely from far end to work execution.
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Technical parameters of Crawler Chassis:

Dimension (mm)1564×770×650Rated load weight (kg)800
Weight (kg)500Motor rated power (kW)6
Motor rated torque (Nm)20Maximum power (kW)12
Maximum torque (Nm)2000Climbing angle (°)45
Overcoming obstacles (mm)300Roll angle (°)40
Traction force (N)12500Maximum speed (km/h)3.5
Range (h)4-6Charging time (h)2-5
batteryQuickly replace the lithium batteryTowing water pipe abilityDrag 200m80 water pipe (filled with water)
Crawler belt width (mm)180Crawler belt pitch (mm)78mm
Crawler belt section number41Reducer reduction ratio48